What equipment do I need for club?

Everyone needs a mouth guard and shin guards. U6/U10 need field hockey sticks, they do not need to be indoor sticks and we will have sticks available for FREE. U12/14/16/19 need indoor sticks, we have some available to borrow, you will also need an indoor hockey glove. You can check Longstreth.com. Sneakers or flat court shoes, no spikes or cleats! Water Bottle. 


Are there tryouts? What is assessment night?

NO TRYOUTS, Registration is first come first serve.  Dec 9th U16/19 players will be assessed. After assessment you will be placed onto teams. These teams will be your training and competition teams throughout the season. 

What if my friend or carpool is not on the same team as me? 

Specified age groups will be training all on the same day of the week so carpooling is no problem unless you are in different age groups

Can I move down an age or up an age to be with a buddy?

FIH and USFHA do not allow players to move down an age. Our philosophy at Bison includes cultivating leaders, for this reason we do not recommend players "play up". Better to be the best in your age group then tread water in the older group. We are playing significantly more tournaments this year so there will be a ton of opportunity to compete.

Do I have to be a BISON Club affiliated US Field Hockey Member?

If you are U12/14/16/19 YES, you will need a number to compete at the JPIL tournaments and any other USA hockey events.  But I am affiliated with another club: NOT TO WORRY although open affiliation enrollment has ended we can simply co sign a change form with your current club affiliation and we can change you to BISON should you want to participate in an NIT with our club.




U16-19: I have never played before, I am terrible, I am nervous about entering a competitive environment, should I join club?


If you want to play hockey, get better, meet new friends, work hard and have fun then YES! Tournaments will be a la cart this year and some will be by selection only. But everyone will have the opportunity to compete and have a blast!

Why are these fees so expensive?!!!

-Insurance through USA Field Hockey

-Coaching fees from the best and the brightest coaches

-13 weeks of season!

-Tournaments and intersquad play included!

-Shop around to other clubs and you will find that Bison Club is a DEAL


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